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After a couple of weeks there was no mold in the canning jars. So either I did it right and there was no contamination, OR I made the sowing medium so toxic that even mold cannot survive.

I sowed the seeds following as much of the instructions I could gather and the jars are now sitting at room temperature with a single CFL bulb about 3 feet away. The light bulb is set on a timer for 8 hours per day.

Here is the "incubator" setup right now. You can see a portion of the CFL dome to the left.
It is an empty shelf of a cabinet in my office.

It will be several weeks (or months) before I see any protocorm development if it was a success. However, I am keeping an eye on the flasks for the first month since that is most likely when any signs of contamination would occur.

Hi, any further udaptes....