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Oh yes, very nice!!!!
Certainly one of the cymbidium experts will pop in here and clue us in as to when it is best to harvest the green pod.
Cym pods take between 7- 9 months depending on species. sinense takes longer as much as a year, and some like ensifolium are shorter being about 7 months.
The pods generally lighten in color when ready. If they go too far they will split but you can harvest the pod and dry it and germinate the seed as dry seed but you will need to sterilize the seed in that case.
If you are just starting and have never done sterile culture, I would recommend using a commercial lab. I prefer that myself though I'm well versed in sterile technique. Remember that it will take several months for the seed to germinate, then you need to replate, ie separate the protocorms that develop and limit the number in the jar so this entails a sterile transfer.