Sunday I got a Phalanopsis "Baldan's Kaleidoscope :golden treasure" for $5 USD on clearance, it has three spikes and the longest leaves are 16", and the plant itself is about four inches tall. It is MASSIVE. but I digress. my question is, I used pollen from it to pollinate a Phal. NOID ( I will post pictures on the forums as soon as possible to find out a name). Both are pretty healthy plants, and so my questions are: How long will it take to determine if the pollination was successful ( Pollinated Sunday night) and how many weeks, if successful, would it take for a seedpod to form? also, could someone give me a link or referral to a flasking lab on the east coast of the USA, or instructions on how to flask the seeds myself? I have access to an autoclave and all the neseccary sterile materials, I just need a good guide that says what to do and when.