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I am a newbie and if this kind of beauty is common, I am going to end up with so many orchids that my dh divorces me! LOL That is a lovely plant. Totally understandable that you had to have it.
Yeah, this is one pretty little floof. I say it's common because you can buy it just about everywhere and I see them in tons of collections. lol But it's so pretty and up until recently I wan't into the more compact plants. It is hard to keep buying the big ones when you have a limited space. Although, soon that little problem will be somewhat relieved. We are having the front entry changed, so soon the whole front porch will be orchid central with no stray people wandering through to knock them over.
Thanks for all the nice comments....oh and yes you will be buying lots of orchids. lol We all started with the best of intentions and smallest of collections. Then we saw "The One" and went shopping, and shopping, and well....we are all still married....(i think). Actually, I have converted my husband and now he is as hooked as me. It's contagious....very very contagious!