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OH! And bob, not to stir up trouble in your house...but, um, who made all the money between you and your wife? I bet it was you...why does she get to make all the spending decisions? I think you are too nice
Have care there my dear! My mom should she hear that would give you a stern talking to! LOL

This came up once with my brother's former in-laws. My mom was a "stay at home mom" but my brother's mother-in-law who worked made it known that she felt that there was no "our" money since my dad earned it all. Mom was trying to keep the peace but later wished she had spoken her mind. To summarize her position -- "does that woman have rocks in her head? Does she think I raised the kids, cooked, cleaned the house, made the appointments, made sure the bills all got paid on time -- for FREE?!" (Now I should point out she didn't feel she had all the say but definitely more of a 50/50 partnership. And all things considered, I'd have to say I see her point.

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Paul, I don't think it's just the camera. I have the same problem whenever I try to capture reds & purples in photos and when I commented on that, I was told by several people this was a typical experience. Some people are really good at tweaking the settings on their cameras to overcome this, but I lack the patience.

Hmmm, been a while since I played around with my old slr, but I don't recall having as much of an issue...... Maybe time to drag it out again.