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I wonder why it bloom in this season???
In my country, it bloom in winter and spring, much on February, March
I think you are referring to the wild collected ones. Mine blooms a few times a year. It was attached onto an old stump of a tree and had grown to quite a big size.Unfortunately the old stump rotted and collapsed causing a few orchids to lose their 'home'. I have no time to find a new home for the orchids yet, which include Rhyncostylis retusa and gigantea, Aerides odarata. Den crumenatum and Miltonia Purple Queen. They are lying on the ground and some are dying. I know it's criminal but I simply haven't the time, what with building a new addition to the orchid house and trying to install an auto sprinkling system.

@ Your gigantea alba is very nice. I'm sure it will give you a spectacular show when it is more mature.