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Well, at least it could be true to name... I paid an arm and a leg for a supposed aurea at the last London show, and it has flowered with dirty pink flowers about as big as my finger nail . I intend to try and contact the seller, a guy from one of the less usual European countries (less usual for being the source of orchid dealers) and have a whinge...
I saw the type species growing in Jamaica - went there from a cruise ship, to do rafting in the Rio Ochos. The plants grow on trees arching across the river, way above your head, so you like back with binoculars and stare at these lovely things way out of reach. But places where you get on or off the rafts they are tied to telegraph poles or nailed to the barn doors...raising serious thoughts about illegal activities in my mind. The flowers then as much as 2 inches north south. I have never done much better than half that size ... Probably lack of Caribbean sun.
Wow, awesome you got to see them growing wild in Jamaica!