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I am dealing with my first insect issue. Looks like mealy on my zygo that is starting to bloom. One of 4 flowers was fully open this morning and a second starting to open.

I am on it with alcohol spray and vigilance. Also keeping an eye on my other plants looking for signs of spreading.

Also, no more new orchids, as hard as that may be, until I am insect free again.
I have my own share of insect issues. Would you believe that I don't know which insect causes the most commonly recurring problem? I suspect that when this insect lays its eggs or whatever on the buds, it causes the damage: petals with impressions that look like someone tried to puncture them. Flowers don't last long.

I just use ordinary insecticide, the type you buy off the grocery shelves. I spray it on the buds even when there is no indication of the problem yet.