Hi Julie!
Thanks for the alert!
Well, from my opinion, it is probably better for the Mildred to carry the pod since it is a much stronger plant. However, the gaskelliana could carry the pod as well. I have seen pretty young plants doing that. They just stop growing! If your gaskelliana has two leads, then maybe the pod carrying lead will stop growing while the other one will continue to grow. So it might not be too bad. In term of what to expect, I think that the light purple/pink color of the gaskelliana will come through since I think it is probably the dominant trait. Another way to find out is checking the geneology of the Mildred and see what are in its lineage. Could be a fun experiment but the first thing to do is seeing whether you can get Mildred pregnant. What if Mildred is a triploid and your gaskelliana is a diploid, well, you will never get any seed pod. If Mildred is a tetraploid and gaskelliana is a diploid, well, you will get seed pod but the children might be infertile or can be crossed again only with other triploid catts.
When you get the seed pod, we can take it from there and decide whether it will be worthwhile to sow the seed and raise many dozen of young seedlings!
Cheers. Hoa.