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Ihave just been constructing some extr warm corners in my greenhouse - mainly to grow species phallies, and the warmer growing dendrobiums. My goldschmidtianum, which was in flower when it arrived, is going in one of them - I guess that your normal conditions are much nearer the ones I shall now provide , than in the main part of my greenhouse where the night temperature now , in late winter here, is down to 12 deg. c.
Do you have any advice about culture of this, for me ?
This is very easy growing dendrobium that requires very high light. I had it for over 3 years and bulk of the time it was growing in the 50% shade and did not bloom. I moved this to high light area along side my Vandas and I could see an immediate improvement in the growth and flowering. Only challenge is I see with this dendrobium is that it can grow quite tall. The largest cane I have is almost 30 inches. I fertilize and water during summers and I had withheld fertilization during Dec-Jan. I understand that it can bloom multiple times a year and it has bloomed twice in a span for 3 months for me. My best wishes to your extra warm corners and I am sure this Den. would do very well under your TLC.