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Here's something I've thought about off and on. If you have your plants in a greenhouse, you have less insects both bad and beneficial right?

In the instances where you might get an infestation of let's say aphids, scales and/or mealybugs ... and it's affecting several plants, is it possible to use some kind of a fogger, or do you suppose that would be harmful to the orchids?

I would think that it would depend on the chemicals being used, but it's just one of those ... I wonder if anyone has ever tried ? I know that some peeps use systemic insecticides, so what's the diff?
I spray regularly (the entire collection) to keep pests from getting a foothold. I do not use foggers, but rather a back pack sprayer that puts out a fine mist that sticks to all sides and surfaces of the orchids. This damages most blooms that are open, but keeps the bugs away.