Sadie, I received it potted in a plastic pot with sphag packed quite tightly around the roots. I ended up taking it out of that, and sticking it into a slightly larger see through plastic pot with nothing around the roots. This seems to keep the moisture around the roots for a little longer but still allows for them to dry out.

The pot itself is placed inside a deep tray with some wet clay pellets to keep the humidity a little higher. The tray is on a windowsill of a large bay window facing S - SW so plenty of light and a fair bit of warmth. There's a natural day/night temperature fluctuation.

I try to mist the whole plant heavily once a day, less if it's cloudy and maybe a couple times a day if it's very sunny and I have time. Once a week or so I give it a good long soak and feed.

That's pretty much it. This is very similar to what I do to other orchids anyway so I don't really give it any special treatment.