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I have to agree with Amey about the potting medium you are using. Hope it works well for you.
Thanks for replying Angela. The medium is very fast drying so I am not concerned about it. Since I have potted it in here it has just thrown out roots which I take it is a good sign.
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I'm basing this answer on growing the one I have , the blackened nubs can be future bloom spots also I believe. My plant got several late last summer, 3 turned out to be blooming stalks, but there are still several of the nubs left higher up on the stem, whish I'm hoping are future bloom spots. Mine loves bright light, it is on the border of my vanda area. The blooms are wonderful, long lasting, and have a "honey type" fragrance to them. good luck.
Yes I hear that they love bright light so I have got mine growing under a high light bulb a 4000k. It is only 11w so I might change it for 60w instead. I shall wait and see if it grows but so far the leaves are remaining bright light green so fingers crossed...

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yeah, the first couple pictures do apear to be potting soil... but the latter ones look like normal small bark mix. should be ok if not retaining too much water. i don't know about the spots on the leaves... but i have almost no experience with dendro plants. i have a kingianum that i bought at a local nursery (they said it was an oncidium, so i don't go by their advice!) that is potted in potting soil. and it seems to be doing ok, and i see it listed as a lithophyte (grows on rock cliffs in hot places in australia). i keep meaning to repot it and forget. but it is doing well, even after i dropped it off my balcony to the ground below and it went splat, it is bouncing back nicely, so i think dendros might be pretty tough little plants. good luck with it!
The bark mix is a medium bark mix (5-1-1) and it is fast drying. I have had to water many times since I re potted it and it is growing all of those new roots so I really do feel that this is suitable. However, should I see signs of rot I shall re pot immediately!!

Thanks for all of the help guys!