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Really? I used to just pinch a leaf, and let it sit in a cup of water until it has roots, and then pot it up. They don't like overpot though, so it's better if you pot it up every year.

Jojo, I like the purple one, I haven't seen that many layers of petals in African Violets before.
Well I don't know much about the different varieties of African Violets. I saw these in the garden and decided to buy a few of them since they were selling cheap! All I know about these plants is that they light plenty of bright light but not direct sunlight. Heat from too much sun can burn the leaves. They also like small pots and be underpotted unlike normal plants. They also have to be watered from the side and to avoid water getting collected on the crowns since they rot easily. It's good for me to put them outside my window 'coz my room is on the 2nd floor and its kind of airy there. The breeze helps in drying out the plants quickly. Potting media should be kind of porous - a sandy mix of fine sand and organic soil so that drainage is very good.

I used to grow lots and lots of violets many years back (about 15 years ago??) but I also killed lots and lots of them. I then gave up and just concentrated on growing orchids. I have these few (5 of them) just to add something different on my windowsill. I guess I must have learned my lesson on African Violets after so many years ago of killing them that they seem to be thriving and flowering well this time. LOL!