I got today the seeds of the following orchid species:
- Ascocentrum curvifolium
- Ascocentrum miniatum
- Bulbophyllum longissimum putidum
- Bulbophyllum sessile
- Gastrochilus patinatus€
- Paphiopedilum bellatulum
- Paphiopedilum concolor
- Prostechea vespa
- Stanhopea nigroviolacea

Please advise me, if I can use the following orchid germination media mixture for each of them, or for which of these orchids i should use a different mixture (and what mixture recipe). Thanks!

My own orchid germination media mixture:
70.00 ml Water
30.00 ml Coconut Water of Green Coconuts
0.30 g Mashed Peeled Banana
3.50 g Mashed Boiled Potato
0.20 g Plain Tomato Paste
1.00 g Agar Agar
2.00 g Powderized (Icing) Sugar
0.12 g Thiamine
0.50 g Fertilizer 20-20-20
0.50 g Powderized Eggshell
0.75 g Powderized Activated Charcoal

Feel free to advise me about my own mixture above. tips are always highly welcome. But more important, please advise me if that mixture can be used for all above mentioned orchids. In case some require a different media, please advise me with the recipes of those different mixtures. Thanks a lot!