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Watering indoors in Winter

This is a discussion on Watering indoors in Winter within the General Information forums, part of the Frequently Asked Questions category; Hello all, The humidity in our house this time of year is on the order ...

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    wcottee is offline Junior Member
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    Aug 2007

    Default Watering indoors in Winter

    Hello all,

    The humidity in our house this time of year is on the order of 25-30%. There is a small humidifier near the orchids but the moisture is dispersed in the living room (the orchids are in a south-facing window). The temperature where the plants are varies between 68-78 degrees.

    Is watering Cats and Phals once a week too little or too much? Would love to hear experiences of others with the same circumstances.

    We had some of them in bud and then they shriveled

    Thanks !!

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    Welcome, wcottee! I keep the 'chids in the garage in the winter near a southfacing window. Those in bark mix I water about once a week unless it's very cold outside, then less. Those in sphag I water less as they stay wet longer. I've found my orchids seem happier if I water less in the winter.
    Good luck and Welcome!


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    Bikerdoc5968 is offline Senior Member
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    Welcome aboard... I trust you'll understand when I say any of our experiences apply to our set of circumstances. One of the better ways to know if your plants need wantering is to "feel" the pot. One time water everything....soak them! Then lift each pot and get a "feel" for what it weighs. When the pot feels light, it's time to water. Having said that, catts are more tolerant of their watering cycle because of their pseudobulbs. You must take into consideration YOUR unique set of circumstances... low humidity, warm temperatures, air circulation and your growing medium.... so you may experience greater amounts of evaporation and may need to water more frequently. In other words, don't be bound to some ridgid watering schedule. There are some that adhere to a rigorous plan, again, because they have a unique set of circumstances and it is what works for them. Most would agree they'd rather be underwatered just a bit than overwatered.... again this is very plant specific......

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    Welcome to ob!! Its hard 2 stick a fork in the ground and say that low humidity was what caused your buds to blast, but I have heard this happen b4 for that exact reason. Have u tried daily misting? I have about 40% humidity in my apt in the winter and this helps a lot. One other thought I had was for you to water more often, maybe 2-3x a week, but after u water, put a fan on them on low so they dry out a lil faster and you don't get rot. I do this to my catts and it really seems to help, bc it more closely replicates their "watering" in the rainforests where they live. Try that, good luck!!
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    mycologist's Avatar
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    Aug 2007


    My Phals in the house that are in flower are out in the living room where I don't have a humidifier. Although my house never gets as dry as what you are saying (maybe down to 40%) I have found that the flowers & buds last MUCH longer with keeping the plants as moist as possible without generating rot. I probably water them once a week (this will vary for your conditions and especially media type as stated above), but I mist the exposed roots at least once a day. If they get really dry (not just lighter) just once I will lose flowers and or buds.

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