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...apparently this is still an issue with the naming of this cross two years later. I purchased the very same tagged plant this past August(2008). Exactly the same! Wouldn't you think the name would have been applied by now...
Yeah, one would certainly be within reason to expect the name to have been updated by now. However, in lots of cases, someone might buy a flask (or several) from a grower before the cross has been named. S/he would then grow them to saleable size before selling them. Depending on the rate the seedlings grew, this could take awhile. If the vendor wasn't particularly interested in the names--and lots of them are not--s/he might just sell them under the names of the crosses when s/he purchased them. So, two years (or more!) later, those plants are still on the market in their pre-named state.

Of course, lots of buyers don't insist on names. Some just buy plants with attractive flowers; others like you & me buy them with the intention of trying to find the names.

What I find even more vexing is when the vendors are careless about the names. For example, a few years ago, a vendor at my local OS was selling an orchid called Dend. Thai Jeng. There "ain't no sech animal" as I discovered (confirmed for me by our own MacJulie aka Piper), and I can't say for sure what it may have been. (Possibly Thai Gem or Thai Jewel, but who can say for sure?)