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Thanks everyone. This is the paph. that I killed the bloom on by putting it in direct sunlight So that plant will never get another flower? What happens to that plant? Does it die off when the keiki gets bigger?

I was going to repot it since the bloom is gone. Would it be ok to do it now that the new growth has started? Right now it's in a 3" pot should I put it in a bigger one or keep it in the same one?

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Sorry to hear about your bud blast.

Eventually it will die off. Some paphs take longer for the old growths to die off faster than others. With your mottled leaf paph I think it may take the old growth a few years to die off, by that time you would have enjoyed several new bloomings. It may even send more new growths.

Some paphs like armeniacum and micranthum have their old growths die annually