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Your experiences/advice-Help!

This is a discussion on Your experiences/advice-Help! within the General Orchid Culture forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; Okay, here we go again. I have many orchids but my cattleyas are confusing me ...

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    Default Your experiences/advice-Help!

    Okay, here we go again. I have many orchids but my cattleyas are confusing me lately. It seems that the psuedobulbs never mature with sheaths. Even previous blooms I had when I first purchased the plants had sheaths. The bulbs in my care do not produce sheaths or if they do they are only a cm long or the bulbs mature with just a little nub on the top (similar to that terminal type nub on nobile dendrobiums). I have never seen this nub once start to grow into buds. The only time they bloom is when the new growth is just about mature and then they go immediately into bud without a sheath. If the bulb matures and the nub is there, the bulb never blooms. I only have a few explanations.
    Perhaps these bulbs that grow and mature without sheath or going straight into bud are growth initiated by the plant at the wrong part of the season (winter) and haven't recieved the proper environmental cues to mature enough to bloom?
    Perhaps, the bulbs are maturing too fast and not able to mature at the proper intervals/steps in order to bloom?
    My catts are all around my porch and on a few windowsills and all receive good quality light at good durations. Growth is sturdy, fat and robust.
    Just this evening I was inspecting a huge mounted cat I have and looked at all the new growth getting reading to open the leaf crease (inifolar) and felt two big buds poking out of only ONE new growth with no sheath. I'm expecting the other new growths to mature with that "nub" and no flowers....
    I'm confused! Has anyone ever had their cats bloom from these seeminly dormant nubs on the apex of the psuedobulbs?

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    I will sound like a broken record here, but post up a photo of the nub, etc... Also what are the cattleya crosses you are growing? Usually it is one of three things that cause orchids to not bloom. 1. water (too much or not enough) 2. light (too little) 3. Fertilizer (not balanced or delivered to infrequently). I am guessing that since your plants are growing and appear healthy that it is the LIGHT that is the problem. But, post up a photo so we can see what you are describing. I don't expect that you would even get buds if there was not enough light, but maybe that is the case.


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    When we moved here the plants went from my greenhouse to the attached garage artificial light only , the birds were also in there , I left the lights on a longer to bring the canaries into breeding condition. Several Catts. bloomed on immature growths with no sheath ..sounds like a light thing ... just a thought . Gin

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