Well, over the past few days my little antelope flasklings have been dying. I have about half-a dozen left, several of which look strong.

I think I may have spread them out too much, too soon. I had left the little ones in the compot and set some of the larger ones into their own. I think maybe another factor may have been some fluctuations in humidity in the room, which is not enough to disturb larger plants but may have been enough to over-dry the baby roots of the flasklings.

I did not do the actual deflasking on these. They were deflasked and then shipped, and they arrived looking extremely healthy and robust, although tiny.

Most were under 2". A half dozen or so were over 3". I kept them under a dome for two weeks, as per instructions, but now I wonder if I should have kept them there longer? Or, the next time I try this, should I request that the grower hold onto them longer before deflasking and shipping?