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This is a discussion on vandas within the General Orchid Culture forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; I got 4 vandas and asconcendas a few months back and I'm not sure they're ...

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    Liz's Avatar
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    May 2004
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    Default vandas

    I got 4 vandas and asconcendas a few months back and I'm not sure they're getting enough water. I think I shocked them when I (I know I shouldn't have) cut their little black plastic pots away and put them in new wood slat baskets. I've added some river stones, terra cotta pieces and bark loosely in the baskets to help position and anchor the plants (and keep the baskets from floating when I soak them) and help retain a little moisture. I water them with the hose every day and more often when it's really hot. Some of the original roots have died, but they're all growing new roots and new leaves, so the plants aren't dying, but the existing leaves seem so dry and brittle to me, and they're not like an open book, but rather more V shaped, which I read somewhere meant they weren't getting enough water.

    What to do? More bark in the baskets? Water more frequently? Soak them more frequently? I know they like to get wet and then dry quickly, but I can't help thinking they're parched. Are they just fine and I don't know it?

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    uncasteeb's Avatar
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    Jul 2004


    I,ve heard soaking for 15 mins then let it dry for 15 mins then back to soak for 15 mins.Apparantly the roots can only absorb a certain amount @ 1 go & having a short dry in between the soaks ensures the roots absorb the max water.

    My 1 & only Ascoc is in s/h.It,s growing a new huge root & growing leaves

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    dosal is offline Member
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    May 2004
    South Carolina


    V shaped is not a sign of lack of water. There are varieties that are very fleshy and v shaped, others are round in the leaves. Ascos have more of a flat leaf. Your plants really aren't lacking in water if the leaves aren't crinkly.

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    May 2004
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    if you noticed a *change* in the leaves, i.e. they were turgid before and now they're drier and are beginning to show the signs of wrinkling, then it may be a water issue. however, this just means that the plant is not getting enough water--you may be watering enough but the roots may be in shock, and therefore unable to soak up enough water.

    a good soak with some hormone solution like dynagro KLN or superthrive may help--vandas in general appreciate hormone supplementation, especially in warmer weather.

    i don't know where you grow, but on the windowsill, the humidity drops precipitously in the fall when temps start to cool down. i have an amazing 30% humidity now, and that's with a humidifier. depending on how much media is in the basket, you may need to water many times a day. on windowsills, i like to tuck in a little sphagnum to keep the roots moist for at least an hour or two, since i can't be bothered to water more than once or twice a day.

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    I've found that the best way to water them so that they take up the most moisture is much like uncasteeb said. Drench them down, wait 15-20 minutes, then drench them again. Under low humidity, you might have to repeat that process twice a day: early morning, then early afternoon.

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