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Fungicide Burn: RD-20

This is a discussion on Fungicide Burn: RD-20 within the General Orchid Culture forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; Originally Posted by sirina Thanks for the advice, but since I am very new at ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sirina View Post
    Thanks for the advice, but since I am very new at growing orchids I need lots of advice. Can I spray it on the leaves and on the roots? I have a very sick cattleya and I do not want it do die. Please help me.

    If you are speaking of Physan 20 and it relatives, yes spray it everywhere... In fact, I use it as a dipping solution when I transplant my phals. Can't speak to any of the other items mentioned in this thread.

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    If you use Listerine, only use the original formula. The other kinds have ingredients in them that are not good for orchids. I use Listerine regularly. It works.

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    sirina is offline Junior Member
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    Hi Kjones1957, I have been using listerine for the last couple of days and it seems to do work. Thanks for the advice.

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    If the pesticide RD-20 is marketed as a bactereria-cide + fungicide it is a shotgun type pesticide which in my personal opinion is a Bad IDEA.

    I'm old school where pesticides are concerned. I specifically treat targeted pests as I work at avoiding providing platforms for disrelated organisms to increase resistance to yet another organo-phosphate compound. Yes, it's a mouthful. However, best way to breed stronger pathogens, organisms & pests is familiarize their physiology to yet another manmade cure all compound. For those of you who are trained, remember LD 50/50? where survivors go forward to reproduce with other survivors, breeding stronger more resistant pests? Yeah?. . . . Well that's what it's all about.

    If RD 20 or SA 20 or whatever it's being called is a shotgun treatment as is, mentioned it's too bad. Preventitive sparying as a maintenence tool is against my principles & knowledge. What's more it contradicts the principles and aims of I.P.M. or Integrated Pest Management practices. I dislike using compounds with known & unknown drawbacks capable of doing real harm to more than pests. I also subscribe to a growing notion organo phosphates & their related compounds contribute to human maladies such as ADHD, ADD, Autism & other neurological disfunction. Organo-Phosphates target nervous systems in order to work at all. Yes, jury is still out, I hope I am wrong, the chemo pesticide industry is fighting this posit/ But I value our planet & all who live or will live upon it. I also am in the minority with the above mentioned Idea, but I was in minority on DDT & 245T also. Agent Orange was/is an Organo Phosphate as is/was DDT. Regardless of Monsanto's claims many US Troops paid dearly because 245T was used in Viet Nam. Thank God we stopped DDT & started to return wild bird populations as a result. Ugly topic with an Ugly History.

    Chelated Copper kills all fungus. Copper does not kill much else unless high voltage runs through it. Copper is also a Micro nutrient, HMMmm why? Maybe because living organisms inherent awareness copper inhibits Fungii ?

    Sorry to go off like that but I know what I know. I believe what I've learned. So I care & react because it's all I can do about it, besides me making my own regimen as non toxic as possible.

    Thanx for the use of the Soap Box folks. . . . But I won't get over it without being proven wrong.

    DeLand Dad

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