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Global Warming is not a myth as much as it is a factor in climate changes we are experiencing right now.

Unlike changes of the past, most of which a result of some sort of natural catastrophic event, this one is a result of human catastrophic ignorance and attitude. We are creating situations behind what is happening globally and that is simple fact. Not a hypothesis for discussion, not opinion for the sake of something else, nor is it imagination gone wild. If we continue to ignore the realities now and fail to make changes needed, it is out turn this time, I fear.

The longer people in denial drag their misinterpretation and misunderstanding out in defense of utter disregard for mother earth, the worse it will get & less likely it will be to resolve easily, if at all. All people are entitled to believe what they want to believe, but dynamics of our planet do not believe in anything. Earth simply put is matter & energies in unison. Earth's dynamic runs under totally predictable laws of physics & mathematics.

That fact cannot by replaced by lame theories and wishful thinking by those who want to believe otherwise. Prove otherwise & I will listen, but unproven dialogue holds no information, just meaningless unsubstantiated verbiage. In fact it's very much unthinking to me. How many Ostriches do you suppose lost their lives while their heads were in the sand, my friend?

As you see I feel very strongly about what we are doing to this Planet.
How about the Pacific Gyre? Is it just another cosmic occurance also?

Respectfully in opposition to it's happened before & it's another cyclic event.


oh and also, ostriches dont hide their heads in the sand, that is also a myth, like global warming. as they can run, sometimes faster than a cheetah, why hide their heads in the sand?

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Oh, burr Jordan> Take that back! Come July when you are in winter and I am in summer, I may change my mind, but not when local temps for me are well below zero centigrade ( 9 degrees farenheit tonight).
lately in winter, (last 5 or 6 years) we have been getting about -5 degrees c here, while in Otago and Southland, the mean temperature for winter autumn and spring is about -13 degrees C. so yea, about the same as you. and we are closer to the equator too!
Then there is europe. is that global warming? it seems every year it gets worse!