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Phalaenopsis Questions

This is a discussion on Phalaenopsis Questions within the General Orchid Culture forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; Hi John, There's no doubt some of these directions can be confusing. I bought half ...

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    Hi John,

    There's no doubt some of these directions can be confusing. I bought half a dozen books on orchids when I first got addicted. Here are the light requirements for Phals from three of them. Book A stated "Phals can grow and bloom on a windowsill with any exposure but northern"; Book B stated "Phals grow & bloom best in an east window, and will need a sheer curtain if grown in a southern or western exposure to prevent damaging the leaves"; Book C stated "Phals will grow & bloom in most east or west windows, use a filter such as a sheer curtain in a south window".

    The only agreement between all three was eastern exposure is good without any need for protection.

    I found similar disagreements on watering techniques! I won't go into that on this thread, since it's not on topic.

    Bottom line is you'll have to experiment to see what works best for you, personally. Advice from people in your growing area *should* be more applicable than that from growers elsewhere, but even there you may find discrepancies.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Styx
    Sooo... basically, it's more like I need to take into account what everyone said about light requirements, try to match them best I can, and just see what works for the Phal I have and what doesn't? I once thought the light requirements were a concrete thing, but it seems like there are many factors influencing it.

    I live in Utah BTW, so the UV rays here are extremely harsh.
    You really do have to experiment with your conditions to see what works. What works for one of use, may not work for you.

    I grow in my house too, and I have found that even between my several south facing windows, there is a difference. So I have modified the plants I grow where etc. I also use some sheer window curtains to "soften" the intensity of the light when needed. That might help with your harsh UV rays issues.

    Don't get frustrated -- the tinkering with conditions is just part of growing orchids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Styx
    I once thought the light requirements were a concrete thing, but it seems like there are many factors influencing it.
    The amount of light needed by a plant to grow well is kind of a concrete thing. The problem we're having is we don't know how much light is coming through your windows. That's where a light meter would really come in handy. Your west window is different from my west window. Your west window is probably different from your neighbors west window. Every window is different for a whole host of reasons. There are lots and lots of factors that can increase or decrease the amount of light coming through any particular window at a given point in time.

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    It is a concrete thing, except that it's the amount of light and the length of that amount. Over time.

    And light is never constant (take a week of rainy weather). It all has to be figured in. That's why a light meter is only a start, and not a quick answer.

    If you were hyped up anal-retentive, you'd measure foot candles hourly every day for a season and compute your average per day on a seasonal basis. Go for it! (I'm bad, but not that bad...)

    Don't despair - paying attention to what the orchid is telling you is actually easier than figuring out a formula. Somewhere betwixt the two we all seem to manage.


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