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Getting ready to mount an aerangis cryptodon- never done it before!

This is a discussion on Getting ready to mount an aerangis cryptodon- never done it before! within the General Orchid Culture forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; Hello: A couple years ago my son purchased an aerangis cryptodon online for me as ...

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    Default Getting ready to mount an aerangis cryptodon- never done it before!


    A couple years ago my son purchased an aerangis cryptodon online for me as a gift. We were very excited and looked forward to seeing this little orchid grow and bloom with "lovely" fragrance.

    Well, it didn't take long before it was crawling with mealy bugs! I was furious! After more than a year of fighting these bugs (I don't give up until it's dust!) the plant began to recover! (BTW- I got rid of the mealys with daily surveillance and applying pure isopropyl alcohol to the bugs. I also dabbed each spot and pulled down any piece of leaf that bugs could hide and grow in)

    She is now some 20cm tall and has 8 leaves, potted in moss with rock and also has several aerial roots. Not gorgeous to be sure but time will tell!

    My intention is to mount this orchid on a piece of dried oak that I have scrubbed and soaked to remove bugs and any other "deliterious detritus". I want to use sphagnum moss on the mount for support and protection for the root mass.

    I have read the posts and viewed the really wonderful "how to mount orchids" article- (thank you SO much for that! ) I feel like I'm ready but would really love any further insight, suggestions, warnings...

    Cheers and Blessings!


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    CatzOr, if your mount is small enough I would recommend microwaving the piece of wood (before you put the orchid on of course) this should take a fungi that may want to start growing later, especially if it is going to be moist for periods at a time. I try to mount most of my orchids, they seem to like it better. I have an Aerangis modesta that is mounted its growing great but I have trouble keeping it moist throughout the day, so make sure you add something that retains some moisture. I use spaghum then I add sheet moss over top works pretty good. Best of luck to you, hope it works!

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    I have mounted a piece of Bulbophyllum Lovely Elizabeth that I originally put in a basket...I used a slab of tree fern. Used electrical "staples" to affix to the mount then padded down with sphag. I have to water very frequently (daily) but since doing this, it's growing new roots. I agree that some are much happier when mounted. Just make sure you can mist and water as frequently as you need to. I'm so in love with the mounts progress that I will be mounting more this weekend.

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    thats ok krsna, im in the same boat lol i have a Gomeza crispa and a Coelogyne corymbosa that i want to mount, but the one thing is....i have got some beech limbs about 2-3 cm in diameter, and about 20cm long, and i also have a couple of pine branches too....i thought using the branches would be more natural, but im not sure whether the Coelogyne will take to a piece of branch. should i use the pieces ive prepeared or use a slab? the gomeza ive been told will be fine on the twig/branch

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    How is your Aerangis doing? Did you end up mounting it? I just mounted an Aer. modesta and now that I've done it of course I'm looking for other people's success stories to validate me.

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