I have just had a parcel of orchids from a certain Phillipines nursery - species that look interesting/I have seen here/ find in the books - but have never grown. Any advice on possible culture will be most useful - about orchids nor normally seen in UK/Europe !
They are :-
Tuberolabium phillipsii - this one I assume I will grow like my T.quisumbingii which does well for me - as you have seen. ( I use smallish bark - 7-10mm pieces, with a bit of Perlite, hung up near , but yards below - the Vandas.
Tricholglottis brachiata - how I have drooled over pics of this !. I intend to grow it like and with my renantheras ? Which means near the vandas in the roof of the greenhouse in bark/moss.
Dendrobium amethystoglossa - actually I have bought this before (twice) and lost it. Where did I go wrong ? Maybe it needs a hard dry rest , just being misted perhaps, until a new growth is seen ? I treated the last ones like D.nobile. too wet I guess ?
Cleisostoma subulatum - for some reason - ( too much wine over dinner ?) I ordered two - and they have come growing on small blocks of tree-fern. I could hang one up and spray it - among the Gongoras etc - which like moist/shady humid conditions - but the terete like leaves tell me otherwise !. Grow with my Holcoglossums ? Dry but spray regularly ?
Cirrhopetalum (Bulbo) makoyan - no problems here - I grow dozens of similar species.
Ceratocentroin fesellii - this was a mistake I'm sure (on my part) - looking at the tiny thing - would fit into a thimble - Whatever I do to a plant that small it will feel neglected/underwatered/overwatered... pity - it looks beautiful on the IOSPE pic.
Aporodes fragrans - which Jay says is now Eria aporoides. Someone esle wants to call it a dendrobium - because it has overlapping imbricated /scales/leaves - rather than bulbs/canes - hardly typical dendrobium, but whatever... I think this is going to need a most environment - maybe fine bark/moiss and a lot of spraying ? And light ?
I hope for some good avice !. Thanks people.