Many of the Miltassias can have very long inflorescences growing straight up vertical. The blooms of the pansy orchid - miltonia often sit on quite straight sturdy spikes and the brassia influence may not be strong enough to carry on its genes of semi hanging arching spikes. This is quite normal and noticeable amon the miltassias. I have found that the annoying accordian type crinkling of leaves is less frequent hardly occuring at all with the too much too little irregular watering patterns. Out of the both brassias were less prone to this in my care, the miltonias on the other hand a real pain to the point of declining to purchase.

I have found that some of the hybrids within the Oncidinae are incredibly guilty of the habit you described and is quite widespread. The miltassias are no stranger and very frustrating to acclimatise. My attraction lies solely with brassia and one of the best culturing tips for brassias greenhouse or home is to be placed intermediate in a hanging position basket or mount and for me (due to the risk of water collection in all those bracts and sheaths where leaf meets bulb inducing rot) that this is the best. Position plant to grow in a leaning position rather than the norm of vertical also a brassia tactic. Remove any dried yellowing leaf sheaths connected to base where root system commences very carefully. This will expose lots of new nub ends which become new growth (tiny triangle formed very close to bulb) and new roots with the apple green tips.

Acclimatization can be quite quite variable even a year which will take its toll on the strengt and vigour. I have seen meny oncidinae decline before my eyes. Forget all poisons and potions for now just put it in situ some where brightly lit and position. Watering a root ball mass will do nothing except turn existing roots to mush. Secure and support plant and spray daily with clean fresh water (water quality is important). No ferts. The secret lies with the new roots. Develop those and new growths will progress making the plant look less odd in its toppled postion. No sphag just large grade bark for now and nitrogen fert (most are urea based) if your tempted will burn root nubs.

Treat the roots like dangling a carrot infront of the donkey. Steadily coaxing them. Leave be spray x1 x2 aday. The new grow season will improve chances, never bother purchasing noid oncidinae in autumn/ winter it will decline without return. Only with the abundance of lush new grow, fresh lush green do you whip out the ferts. You dont need a high nitrogen feed this time use something like tomato/ aubergine/ chilli/ courgette food/ fert. Allow the abundance of all white wild twisting and contorted white aerial roots to to roam free allowing best light to illuminate the grow lead from newest psb.

I could specialise in miltassias no problem have a perusal on search engine images. They are worth the patience and time!