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miller, nice red phal! the reds are my favorites. looks like a good size one too. i always thought the best part of phals is that they seem to bloom forever. even after the flowers fade, many will sprout side branches and more flowers. i've had a red one blooming most of the last year or so. it's down to just 2 flowers, but branching out yet again. i've bought a ton of noid phals at hardware and grocery stores, and have recently put most of them into an 'orchid tree' i am making out of treefern pots staked together like a tree trunk. verticle gardening at its best. i did plant one that was in flower, and pulling all the sphag off the roots i thought would kill one or more, and at the very least the flowers woudl fall off or blast the unopened buds, but it only dropped 1 older flower and the rest are doing fine a month later. hardy little things if you are careful.
Yep, the star shaped Phals are definitely the best. Totally agree with that.