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Help! Got my first Cattleya orchids...what to do?

This is a discussion on Help! Got my first Cattleya orchids...what to do? within the General Orchid Culture forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; Originally Posted by orchidbaby yes grow babies I admire your vigor to grow a ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by orchidbaby View Post
    yes grow babies I admire your vigor to grow a orchid from a seedling....I don't think im that advanced yet....... but on another happy note.... my boyfriend traveled 2 and a half hours one way today, to an orchid nursery...and I got my first Miltoniopsis! SO I have 4 total now, and not much more room for any others im afraid.... Great choice on your cattleya......... As for my Catt.... I hope I did what I needed to in order for it to blossom and thrive, not sure how long it is going to take til I see some nice activity. I hope I didnt harm it in anyway....we'll see!
    I'm sure you didn't harm it. Orchids can recover from a lot; as long as they get the right conditions, they bounce back. It's an exercise in patience, though. I'm nursing one phal back from the brink of death right now and it's taking FOR-EV-ER. And the silly thing is putting all its energy into growing a fourth leaf, when what it really needs is ROOTS. So I mist the good roots (what's left of them) daily and trust that it will rebuild its root system when it gets around to it. Who knows when the poor thing will bloom again. *sigh*

    But it was one of those situations where it had been rotting at the store, and when I got it home and repotted it I discovered it had no viable roots beneath the media! It had flowers, though, so I thought it was healthy (it was in a bag with tissue paper wrapped around it and I couldn't see much of what was going on inside. I didn't realize it was in trouble until I got it home. It also had bugs, so I had to treat it for that too. It's on the mend, but I'm not expecting to see much in the way of flowers for a LOOOONG time. It will be incredibly gratifying when it does bloom again, though.

    You'll have to tell us how your Miltoniopsis does. That one seems to be a tricky one for a lot of members on here. I see a lot of people complaining that theirs die or just don't do anything, especially if they are successfully growing warmer types like Catts. Mine's a disaster. I got it at a grocery store and it was wrongly tagged as a Miltonia, so I accidentally gave it too much sun and too little water, and the leaves grew in all crinkly. By the time I realized what was going on, it looked pretty sad.

    I've tried everything I can think of to coax that plant to grow more foliage and bloom again, but it just sits around, all sulky-like, growing maybe one new green leaf a month (fortunately they're not crinkly any more...less sun and increased watering was the key there). But I have no idea when I'll see the thing's just not doing much. I figure it's "resting," but since the blooms fell off within a week of getting it home and I haven't seen any other blooms since, it's a tad discouraging to keep waiting and waiting and waiting....especially when it doesn't seem to be doing much growing.

    I've consulted a bunch of people on this...tried various places in my house...various lighting and watering schedules, and nothing seems to make any difference. The last guy I asked said...."Um...maybe try putting it outside?"

    The Miltoniopsis seems to be an albatross for many on this forum. If you're successful with it, you'll have to share your tips and tricks!

    Your boyfriend sounds SOOOOO nice! What a great thing to do for you! My husband just gets annoyed by all my plants...he just sees them as more "stuff" in the house, so I don't think I'll be getting any orchids from him any time soon. Of course, I just did a head count, and I'm up to 39 orchids now. If they ever do a gardening edition of "Hoarders," I would be a perfect candidate...

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    My mini quinee is not doing well. I think it's the media. From the picture it looks like you have the seedling in large fir bar. Is that correct or do you have suggestions? I am current;y growing under artificial lights but plan on moving some time later to a greenhouse.

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