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Rhyncolaeila digbyana

This is a discussion on Rhyncolaeila digbyana within the General Orchid Culture forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; I grow mine in a wooden vanda basket, most of the potting media has fallen ...

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    I grow mine in a wooden vanda basket, most of the potting media has fallen out, but it is growing nicely, when it gets to blooming size maybe I'll move it closer to my vandas, right now it gets catt level light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catttan View Post
    Glad to hear about the ops on the other eye, Geoff. Now we can look forward to more great pictures from you. I had cataract ops done on both my eyes 5 years ago, but unfortunately I have macular degeneration in my left eye and am legally blind in that eye. There is slight degeneration in my right eye and am getting treatment to slow down the degeneration and hopefully will still enjoy good sight in that eye for a few more years.
    My eldest son forwarded me an article from the National Academy of Sciences presented by a Sheila Nirenberg, a neuroscientist in the Weill Cornell Medical College in NY, re the restoration of sight to blind mice by cracking the code the retina uses to communicate with the brain, According to her, a prosthetic for humans would be possible within a year or two! This is indeed great news for people who are blind due to retinal problems and gives me hope that I might not lose my sight completely after all ( that is if the device is not priced beyond my means).
    The great thing about our NHS is that we don't have to worry about priced beyond our means - apart from the fact that the whole of the NHS is too expensive for the tax burden of the country - but any politician who dares to suggest changing oit to a great extent - like making us pay when we use it - gets no votes -that's another story !.My eye problems have given me a much greater sympathy with people who are so unfortunate as to have impaired vision ; younger people, and those who have never had problems simply fail to appreciate the enormous loss this means ; and I include myself (in the past) in their category.
    For my own case, the prognosis is as good as one might hope for , given my age ; I had two operations today - the first was a straightforward insertion of implant lens ( cataract) which was 20 minutes at the most of mildly unpleasant experience ; the second was because the damaged lens had fragmented and become distributed through the eye , and had to be removed, by a new (?) technique being pioneered I think, at my hospital, involving using ultrasonics to zap the pieces small enough to be hoovered up through the sonics horn inserted in my eye. Remarkably, considering all this happened inside the eye, I could see a lot of it, but it had to be done with me conscious, in order for me to follow instructions, and in terms of pain ( for 90 minutes or so) it is the worst experience of my life, and only the wish to avoid subsequent problems leading to blindness would ever persuade to me to undertake it again , should it, for example, prove necessary with my second eye.
    So now I have 4 different kinds of drops to put in, at different intervals over perhaps the next six weeks, and the expectation is that my eyes will be “unbalanced” because the implant in my thrice operated eye now cures my sight enabling me to do most things without glasses – except perhaps reading and close work, whereas the other, untreated eye, needs my usual complex bifocal or varifocal prescription until that too can be done – perhaps later this year. So only a temporary problem.
    I’m looking forward to the bandages coming off in a couple of days, and maybe will then get back into the greenhouse !.

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    I have a seedling that I bought 18 months or so ago. I think they may sulk really bad after change. Mine did NOTHING for almost a year. Then it got a growth and an old one died. I have it out in my shade house this year with my catts and it is starting to come on strong. I'll let you know if I ever get it to flower.

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