Jenn is right, V. coerulea or, if you can't find the species, any of the hybrids that have a lot of it in their background are a good choice. They are the large-flowered blue vandas that are commonly available in garden stores. Over here in the UK they generally sell them with their roots in large glass vases and they are becoming increasingly popular as house plants. Choose one that is mid to light blue and has the same overall pattern on the petals and sepals, which are traits of Vanda coerulea. Those that are more purple and have much darker lower sepals without a pattern on them while the upper petals are patterned tend to have more Euanthe (Vanda) sanderiana blood in them and are a lot less cold tolerant. They like bright light and can easily be accustomed to full sun, but I wouldn't put the plant straight into a south facing window right from the start, particularly at this time when the sun is still quite strong. Fill the vase with water and let the roots soak for an hour or so and then empty the vase. You can even reuse the same water for a week if you add dilute fertiliser to it (don't reuse the same water if you add a lot of fertiliser as it may burn the roots). They are thirsty plants and you can water them this way every day during the warmer months, but then cut back and do it only a couple of times a week when it gets colder. Some people leave a bit of water in the bottom of the vase and that seems to be ok, but I'd be worried about the possibility of rot.

Good luck!