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I'm not a big fan of dividing cattleyas unless it's absolutely necessary. I find that cattleyas grow and bloom much better after they get to be large, well established plants. Dividing them always sets them back for a while. But if you need to do it, by all means go ahead.
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I agree with Jeff about dividing, my experiences have not been good and it really seems to set the plant back, but this could be my on doing. good luck, it's a healthy looking plant
I would listen to these two... they know what they're talking about! I haven't divided any of my Catts yet. (Well, one sort of divided itself after being packaged poorly... I opened the box and the Catt just fell out in pieces... LOL... it's not doing so hot, even after months of tender care on my part.)

Eventually I will probably have to do some dividing, especially with a couple of the real biggies I've recently acquired, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it! If you decide to divide yours after it blooms, definitely post pics of your adventure online here! I'd love to see how it goes!

Of course, we'll be expecting you to post bloom pics first. I wanna see what's hiding inside those buds!