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Repotting a Paph, redux

This is a discussion on Repotting a Paph, redux within the General Orchid Culture forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; Okay, so, I am not sure I'm doing the correct thing, but not sure of ...

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    Heather is offline Banned
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    May 2004

    Default Repotting a Paph, redux

    Okay, so, I am not sure I'm doing the correct thing, but not sure of another option. The Paph. Berenice's roots completely filled the old pot. I've been working at getting what media there was out. That fuzzy stuff, whatever it is, is like perlite in its prevalence. Today, it almost feels like small pieces of styrofoam of some sort. Anyway, I've gotten out as much as I can, but didn't want to disturb the roots by totally trying to pry them apart. There are a good number of new ones, and very few unhealthy looking ones. I'll post a pic when I get to work. So, I have a 6" square aircone pot I just drilled out. I'd planned to use a 5" round, but I cannot get any media around the sides. I've read so much about over-potting Paphs, I'm really worried that this pot is too big.

    Anyway, when I get my pic up, you'll see the roots - what does one DO with roots such as these? I checked and read through Antec's recommendations, but everyone here indicated I should try to disturb them as little as possible.


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    Paphraguy is offline Former User
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    Apr 2004


    Yes, keep the root systems intact as much as possible and it is normal to find old dead roots, so don't worry about that. Sounds like the plant has an excellent root system. If the roots fit comfortably in the new pot, it should be ok. I usually make sure that the roots have extra breathing and growing space and not all squeezed and cramped inside the pot, a slightly larger pot is what I would pick.

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    Heather is offline Banned
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    May 2004


    Thank you! Thank you! Sigh...I get so nervous! Damn, you have great timing, Pete!

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    After pulling the plant out of its pot, I like to shake some media off, and then pull off all the dead roots. When in doubt about a root, tug on it. Gently tugging live roots won't be harmful, unless you're potting a brachypetalum (i.e. bellatulum, niveum). I am compulsive when it comes to dead roots. If it ain't healthy, it's coming off. If it looks like it's on its way out, it's coming off.

    Then I manually remove as much media as I can, again being gentle, and run the root mass under a faucet. By now almost all the old stuff will be gone. If it's something inert like charcoal or perlite, or a piece of bark in good shape, and didn't want to come off, I left it intact. (s/h, however, requires the removal of all organic media).

    I like the roots to fill most of the pot, although they should not be cramped.

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