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What is this plant?

This is a discussion on What is this plant? within the General Orchid Culture forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; Originally Posted by ewbie actually the bulbs are underground the medium when he potted it ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ewbie
    actually the bulbs are underground the medium when he potted it 6mos ago. only the leaf is exposed so i just don't know if there's any effect in the growth of the bulb.
    oh... make sure when u repot, to place the plant so that the bulbs are sitting just on top of the media.

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    Hoa Tony Nguyen's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    Pasadena and Costa Mesa


    Dear ewbie,

    Your plant looks like a coelogyne species to me. One way to find out is looking at the roots. If some of the roots have hairs then it is most likely a coelogyne. Coelogyne roots are similar to Paph roots but they look brownish, more fragile and smaller. Stanhopea roots have no hair and look shiny white quite similar to oncidium/dend/catts roots. BTW, good call, Tim!!!
    Have fun with your plant.

    Dear Valb561,
    Your unknown orchid is most likely a terete vanda ("papilionanthe teres"). I have two terete vandas! To know exactly what it is, however, you probably have to wait until it blooms. Have fun with your plant.

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    ewbie is offline Member
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    Dec 2005

    Red face

    yeah! they are thread-like roots so delicate. oh no another type! i'm so confused already on how to take care of them. at first someone gave me 2 vandas and 2 agraecums then when i saw my sister's dendrob i ask her to buy 5 of it and now somebody gave me 4 bulbs of coelogyne(!) all of it NOID.
    yikes can i make them all happy? i'm just a beginner. sometimes i'm confused already on which one needs more water or not.
    thanks Hoa and Tim for helping me identify! hahaha am going to have a circus here with the orchids. wish me luck and more patience.

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    Tanya's Avatar
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    Ewbie, I second, and third the Coelogyne. I bought some myself at the market last time I went to Philippines but didn't bring them to HK with me. Instead I tied them to the trunk of my parent's mango tree. They look exactly like yours.

    Val, the others are right, terete Vanda. I would like to add an info that I have read somewhere. They said that Vanda, aside from giving it full sun, only bloom when its about 1 foot taller than its mount.

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    catfan is offline Senior Member
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    May 2005


    Papilionanthe teres (syn. Vanda teres) or a cross with it....

    Coelogyne on the second one...

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    ewbie is offline Member
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    Dec 2005


    as i was browsing on the net i saw the leaf is similar to coelogyne massangeana or to tomentosa. oh well, will post if(!) it blooms.
    thanks to everyone

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    bulboking's Avatar
    bulboking is offline Junior Member
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    Dec 2005


    hey, that definitely looks like the Stanhopea I have. Though it could be anyone of the group. Mine is Stan inodora. Wire basket with a medium that will stay somewhat damp. Stans. generally prefer indirect sunlight and a lot of water, especially when growing. If the tips of the leaves are turning brown there is too much sun!!!

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    mitcholito is offline Junior Member
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    Jan 2006
    Stockholm, Sweden


    Hi all!
    Nope...thats no Stanhopehea! I should guess Coelogyne!

    Regards /mikael

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    WIS-Thailand is offline Junior Member
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    Feb 2006

    Default This certainly LOOKS like a Coelogyne, but

    Hi! The bulbs and the attached leaves do appear to belong to a Coelogyne, but not the Coelogyne mayeriana in linked picture. The flowers pictured comes from a Coelogyne whose rhizomes (which connect the pseudobulbs) are unusually long -- about 1 foot long. I also have a Coelogyne mooreana whose p-bulbs are much closer to each other, and look to be more like the one you have. The flowers, however, are very different -- pure white. Unlike the C. mayeriana, the C. mooreana didn't like the move to Hawaii -- I believe (but I'm not certain) that it prefers intermediate temperatures for both growth and blooming.

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