Did I luck out with this guy? He came to with no roots. Literally, not a single one. All dead. Just tight mush packed around what I can only assume were roots at one point. Called the vendor, let them know they gave me a pile of garbage (bless its heart), sent them pics, and they're sending me a new one. Long story short, I repotted immediately after I got it and discovered the mess (about a week and a half ago), and to my shock it's now growing tons of new roots and started a new lead. Now I don't know whether to call back and say keep the second plant, as mine is going to make it (it would appear).

Anyway, I'm kind of in a state of shock as I've heard nothing but abosolute horror stories when it comes to repotting Psychopsis even under good circumstances...the ease and quickness that's come with its recovery has definitely surprised me.