First of all, thanks for the birthday wishes! You guys have ESP I was going to post today about my Sophrolaeliocattleya Hsin Buu Lady 'Y-.

I bought it June 6 of this year. In these past four months the plant has a nice greenish-yellow, healthy color to its leaves. The brown casing on its internal flower bud has dropped away and has exposed a large green, plump flower bud. However, the plant has shown no other signs of growth to its leaves or the size or length of the flower bud. It has sent out a few very healthy top roots running along the top of the soil. But, other than the brown casing falling away from the flower bud and top roots, the plant hasn't grown any. The flower bud is still at the bottom of the middle of the leaves. I can't imagine it shooting up all of a sudden in January and flowering as the nursery promised for my purchase of a blooming size plant. Are Cattleyas noted to be very slow growers?

On the other hand, my Phaelenopsis bloomed for almost 3 months and after flowering it grew a huge 6" long and fat new leaf. I have been fertilizing both as directed. I stopped fertilizing the Phaelenopsis after flowering.

I am new to orchid growing and am thrilled with my phaelenopsis and impatient with the Cattleya.

Thanks in advance for any help people can give me.