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Hi everybody - I recently moved from Alpine, CA, after downsizing my orchid collection, to Thousand Oaks, CA. I now have 106 + orchids. I have them in a much to small lean-to greenhouse, with the overflow in a make shift shade area. Been growing orchids for about 12 years. Still consider myself as a novice but am completely addicted. My age is 4 score and 9. To old to chase girls but young enough to wish I could! My computer skills are somewhat lacking but keep trying. I require patience in that area. I want to participate in the forum. I have lots to learn and a little to give. See u soon. KEEP SMILING !!!!smitty
Hello and welcome Smitty, from Malaysia. As for me, still a couple of years to 4 score and very computer-challenged. I hope I'm still as active and enthusiastic as you when I reach your age.