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I have several species and a couple of hybrids in this confused genus . Some of them have even another genus name - Myrmecophila or something like that. (These are the ones often found in association with ants, living in the hollow bulbs ) - outlocal ants here in UK have not learnt that trick, by the way.
They grow with all my other Cattleyas. Those apparently good growth buds on quite old canes are very typical of the group. Some of them may even develop under good conditions. They love being sprayed with rain water, heavily and frequently, and then produce dense bunches of new roots sprouting from the base of the leads. They love very high light ( by orchid standards). Give them this, and when spikes develop they will grow very rapidly, in due season.
I have one spike growing now and extending at a rate of several inches per week, and another on a hybrid between a normal cattleya and a Schombo developing quite slowly . The big difference from Cattleyas, and from some of the other Laelias, is that instead of the flowers being located a few inches above the canes/bulbs , they are at the top of a flower stem which can be several feet long (high). I did have the pleasure of spending three weeks in your country once on holiday, touring around, and somewhere on the way to Merida in the Andes (about 3000m altidude I think?) came across a little orchid show in a village, where all the plants were Schombos (or whatever) and I was blown away by the wonderful flower displays. Some had all the flowers arranged in a sphere like a giant football, on stems 5 feet high. That is when I started growing them, although in England, with our much lower temperatures and light levels ( in my heated greenhouse with artiifical light supplement) the displays are a poor shadow of what I saw in Venezuela, and sometimes I get a spike which develops over several months, always with half a dozen flowers at the end, rather than the big football of 50 flowers open all at once.
When my plants currently in spike do flower, later this year I expect, I will post pics.
I would definitely want to see those pics!