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Aaahhh! Crown rot. Help!

This is a discussion on Aaahhh! Crown rot. Help! within the General Orchid Culture forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; Lily, that's not crown rot. It's just some dead tissue that surrounded the spike when ...

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    Lily, that's not crown rot. It's just some dead tissue that surrounded the spike when it first started to grow, and is now unnecessary. No worries...

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    Agreed. Just some dried up tissue. You see the same stuff with old cattleya spikes--it's like those sheath-like coverings on the pseudobulb, but up at the spike. Dries out, harmless. True "dry rots" are very rare--a fungus whose name eludes me can cause a devastating systemic infection. But this ain't it.

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    Thanks for your help !

    I was worrying a lot but now I feel fine .

    The "rot" a.k.a. dead tissue seemed suspicious because the two smaller leaves at the tip just yellowed and fell off. I thought it had a horrible rot problem with leaves falling off, but hearing from you guys, I guess it's just a natural cycle . small little thing on my orchids and I'll freak out...

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    Quote Originally Posted by orchidaddict789
    I've had this dendrobium for over two months now, and a few weeks ago I noticed a small brownish spot on top of the largest stalk. I did not pay much attention to it until now, when I realized that it had grown larger. I've always been careful not dropping any water on to the crown, but you know, mistakes may have gone on unnoticed.

    So today I scraped a little off, and and the tissue is all dried-up brown and goes away in tiny's dry rot....I don't know how deep it is. This is crown rot, right? I would like to know how severe the case is, can it be cured (at least stop it from continuing to eat up my poor dend), and if so, how I can control it. The plant is otherwise healthy. Please check the photos I attached.

    Thank you,
    That doesn't look like rot to me, and I have had a couple of really rotten dens. The cane turns dark brown and squishy and if you do get the guts to squish it, it oozes purple/ brown smut. Sorry it sounds gross, but it is the best I can describe. It looks to me like possibly callus? (Louis, tell me what you think on my opinion here).

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