Hi FX, and glad to have you back around! But painting, salt water Aq's and a little tike...no wonder you've been scarce!

I had to pipe a friend's funeral today and it was very difficult because of the circumstances of her sudden death. But Raymond, the minister, read an amazing poem. I think it was 13th century muslim. I don't remember the exact phrases, but the message was that in addition to the 'outer' tasks and projects we undertake, even more important are the 'inner' tasks and projects. 'Inner' was a description of how our actions impact others. So yes, you can paint a room, or set up an aquarium, or mail an orchid: these are 'outer' things. The 'inner' acts are raising a son who has no doubt that he's loved, giving a delightful surprise to someone you barely know, offering a comforting embrace, staying for tea with an elder friend who longs for company, welcoming a stranger with a warm smile.

I certainly haven't done the poor poet any justice, but our forum abounds with an 'inner' strength that has nothing to do with how many members we have, how large our collections, or how beautiful our blooms.

Way to go, guys!