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How do I choose a small humidifier?

This is a discussion on How do I choose a small humidifier? within the General Orchid Culture forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; Almost as soon as the A/C goes off for the summer the heat pump has ...

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    Default How do I choose a small humidifier?

    Almost as soon as the A/C goes off for the summer the heat pump has to come on. I know that the air will be too dry for my orchids. Can I keep them
    happy with humidity saucers under each one? I have been considering a small room size humidifier since I keep them all in one room in front of a window. Would I run it a portion of each day? Do you put it close to the orchids? A year ago at this time I had 3 phals, today I have 19 orchids.
    I have 1 cattleya, 4 dendrobiums, 2 oncidiums, 1 beallara, 1 miltassia, 1 miltonidium, 1 intergeneric, 7 phals and 1 paph. Last winter it was easy as the 3 phals wintered in the window over my kitchen sink. As of now they seem to be one big happy family and I would like to keep them that way.
    Oh, something else. Will the humidity affect my computer? As you can tell I really am new to all of this.

    On another note. I found a large custom made shelving unit at a used furniture store. It is made of bamboo shaped wrought iron, painted white and has glass shelves. It is to be delivered Saturday and I am anxiously awaiting it. Not something most people would want but perfect for my orchids.

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    I have tryed every humidifer known to man!!First of all i dont like ultrasonic or the type that has a disc that beats the water into atoms because they leave white powder everywhere if you use tap water.the solids in the water will show up on everything!distilled water can get expensive.I use a type that has the heating element in the bottom in the winter but it also will collect the deposits on the element.this summer at night i used a evaporitive humidifer and it kept the humidity level at 70 to 75 percent on high.its the best one so far no mineral deposits and the evaporitive element lasted for about 5 months.I will use it this winter can get types that have a dial to adjust the humidity level.and the pads are available at one of thoes great big have everything stores.during the day in summer only i use a shop type evap cooler that will get the humidity levels up to a crazy 85%!!go to the bargin/thrift stores they have a ton of cheap humidifers that you can get and experiment with.I too live in the desert wher their isnt a bit of moisture anywhere but in the pipes under the street and grow indoors.good luck
    Also your local heating and ac company can install an humidifer on your heat pump that will humidify your whole house the plants and any wood furniture will love it and its good for you.

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