I have a noid cattleya that I have been nursing for the last couple of months. For no reason that I could see its leaves developed an orange peel appearance except for the newest leaf at the time for it did continue to grow. The color of the plant was/is lime green and the growth habit is running--I think it wants to be mounted, but I don't have space for a large mount inside during the winter. Anyway, I noticed 2 weeks ago that the nongrowing end was turning blackso I cut off the 2 pbs that were black at their bases and treated the cut end. Guess what brillant thing I did next? I repotted the plant in the same pot, in the same medium, in the same spot, moving the newly cut end down to the edge of the pot to where the diseased pbs had been!So today I'm looking over my orchids and lo and behold that same orchid has black at the base of its last pb (oh, surprize!). This is when I realized the mistake I made last time when I repotted it. I figure this time I'll get ahead of the problem and remove 2 pbs (1 not showing any problem), but when I cut the rhizome, the rhizome shows black, so I cut off another pb. Now the rhizome looks clean and, of course, I've been sterilizing the cutting instrument every cut. I put cinnamon on the cut end. This time I got rid of the medium and the pot. The plant now has 3 pbs and 5 really nice roots, so I'm crossing my fingers that I have finally gotten this right.