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bringing orchids inside

This is a discussion on bringing orchids inside within the General Orchid Culture forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; My orchids live on the porch during the warm months here (coastal Carolina) and in ...

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    blue is offline Junior Member
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    Mar 2007

    Question bringing orchids inside

    My orchids live on the porch during the warm months here (coastal Carolina) and in the sunroom in the winter. What should I do before I bring them in this fall? Spray? With what? I have noticed some tiny spiders, crickets, and a few other critters here and there, and really don't want to invite them all into my house.


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    Hi there blue, welcome to the forums

    This is what I usually do as a regular regimen in preparation for moving plants indoors. I move plants indoors for display, not for winter protection. But the concept should be the same for the most part.

    1. While outdoors, spray the plants with a garden hose or a pump sprayer. Make sure that it is just enough pressure to dislodge any insects crawling or attached to the leaves. Do not use so much pressure that you defoliate the plant or blast it out of the pot.

    2. Give the potting mix a good drenching to drive out any insects that could be nesting inside the pot. You may need to do this several times until there are no more bugs escaping the pot. Ants love to set up shop inside orchid pots.

    3. Using commercial horticultural soap, or a home made brew, spray the entire plant. Pay special attention to the underside of the leaves and the nooks between leaves and pseudobulbs. Let the soap solution stay and soak for a few minutes (10-30 depending on the visible infestation).
    Let the soap solution seep into the potting mix so that it can hit any remaining bugs hiding in there.

    4. Rinse the plant thoroughly again similar to step #1.

    5. Let the plant dry out. Make sure it is in a spot that is separate from other plants that are not yet cleaned and where bugs could not get to it.
    Otherwise it could get infested again.
    You can help the plant dry out by blowing air into the leaf axils and any nooks on the plants where the water have pooled. Canned air used for computers is also great for this, specially if you have a lot of plants to air dry.
    IF you want to use a blow dryer, make sure there is NO HEAT.

    This should address majority of any bug infestation that may be on the plants.
    Once they are indoors, just check on them from time to time and if you see any signs of bugs on the plants, just clean them again.
    Chances are, any new bugs you see later on are from the surviving eggs that remained on the potting mix. And if caught early, you can get rid of them before they get a chance to multiply.

    I hope this helps

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    blue is offline Junior Member
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    Mar 2007


    John, thank you.

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    Jul 2007


    Quote Originally Posted by wetfeet101b View Post
    Do not use so much pressure that you defoliate the plant or blast it out of the pot.
    AHAHAHAHAHAAH Lmfao Great. Just great.

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