Hey everybody! I finally got my paws on a Paph Sanderianum (it's been on my wish list for ages!). What I'm wondering is...do multiflorals need more sun than the usual Maudiae-influenced type? I think I remember reading somewhere that they do...but I'm not sure.

I have a Heron's Faire that has been quite happy in its spot, and I'd like to put the Sanderianum next to it, but I'm not sure if that would provide enough light for the Sanderianum.

I also recently required a Paph Pinocchio, a sequential bloomer...and I'm wondering if that would also need more light.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated! I have a couple of years before the Sanderianum will bloom, I think (hence why I could afford it at this point), but I'd like to keep it as happy as possible so it will grow quickly!

Thanks, friends!