I just received two new species phals in the mail today! They arrived bare-root and healthy, but they were missing any type of identification. One of them is a Phal Lobbii (the branching kind that produces multiple blooms on an inflorescence), and the other is a Phal Wilsonii.

I ordered them internationally because I couldn't find the branching type of Lobbii here in the US. Anyway, as I was rehydrating them, I realized I don't have a CLUE which is which!!

Here's a pic of them enjoying a good soak:

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The one on the left has significantly smaller leaves than the one on the right, and its roots are skinner and sort of remind me of spaghetti. It has a large root system for such a small plant, but the roots are very thin and scraggly-like. The one on the right's roots remind me more of a regular phal...they're plump and firm.

Here they are potted up in what I've begun to call my "happy phal" mix (my phals love this combination). They are in the same orientation as in the soaking tub.

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So, could anyone enlighten me on which one of these is the Lobbii and which is the Wilsonii? They are both "blooming size" according to the seller.

Thanks!! I'm itching to tag these beauties!!