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Vanda coerulea culture?

This is a discussion on Vanda coerulea culture? within the Genus Specific forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; Hi all! I recently acquired a Vanda coerulea!! And it's in spike!! I'm so excited! ...

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    Cool Vanda coerulea culture?

    Hi all!

    I recently acquired a Vanda coerulea!! And it's in spike!! I'm so excited! I'm a tad confused about its size, though. It seems VERY small compared to my other vandas. Is that normal for the coerulea species?

    Here it is next to my Vanda sanderiana var alba. Both are recent acquisitions, and the seller of the sanderiana said that it would be 3-4 years before it would bloom. Is that estimate way off or is the coerulea just a tiny plant? The sanderiana already has a bigger leaf span than the coerulea, so I find it hard to believe it will be 3-4 years before it will bloom. Here's a pic of the two of them:

    Name:  vanda comparison.jpg
Views: 4899
Size:  411.9 KB

    Also, here's a pic of the coerulea next to my Vanda Pachara Delight, which recently bloomed.

    Name:  blue vandas.jpg
Views: 4954
Size:  381.7 KB

    The Pachara Delight looks absolutely monstrous compared to the coerulea!

    Anyway, I'm trying to figure out where to place this plant, and I know that it is more cool-tolerant than other Vandas. Does anyone know if it is less sun-tolerant? I don't want to risk blasting the spike by oversunning right now I have it on a table with my large NOID phals. It does get some direct sun during the afternoon, but it is quite far from the window, so even though the sun is shining right on it, the heat is very low. My phals have adjusted to this brighter light and seem to like it just fine, whereas my catts and dends are much closer to the window and get much more heat.

    I accidentally sunburned an Ascocenda by putting it too close to the window, so I'm trying to be really careful about not oversunning the coerulea. Would it be happy in Cattleya light, do you think? Or should I place it by my Oncidiums? Or keep it with my phals who don't mind the afternoon sun from a distance?

    Or do you think it would do well next to the other vandaceous orchids?

    Here's a pic of the little spike:

    Name:  spike.jpg
Views: 2521
Size:  273.8 KB

    I'm SOOO excited to see this plant bloom! I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning! what do you guys think? Is it just a smaller plant in general, and how much light should I give it? Oh, and I should probably add that this is a true species plant, not a coerulea hybrid. It's a Vanda coerulea #28, whatever that means. Don't know if that makes a difference.

    Thanks, friends!!

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    south florida


    I don't think all vandas grow at the same rate, I could be wrong but i thought sanderiana grew at a slower pace. I think certain types of vandas bloom earlier while growing then others. that's my 2 cents. From your pictures you are doing a wonderful job

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    Los Angeles, CA


    my coerulea is the smallest leaf span of all my vandas and ascocendas. it looks like a mini next to them. even my mokara is bigger, by a few inches, and it supposedly has some coerulea in it too. it also cannot take full sun whatsoever here, and listings always say they can. i got sunspots right off the bat though. there was a sliver of full sun coming over the trellis that nailed 2 leaves. i have since moved it to a more sheltered spot. it has grown some new roots and leaves, but seems to be a real slow grower for me. lucky you with a spike!! i'm so jealous.

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    Congrats Jenn. Any orchid should be introduced to sun exposure very gradually.Just think of the human skin - any sudden exposure to strong sun especially from those living in areas far from the Equator would inevitably result in serious sunburn, unless protected by sunblock. The coerulea occurs in deciduous forests esp in warm monsoonal areas, and in these forests the coerulea and other orchids are exposed to full sun with temps ranging from 40s -70s F for at least 3 months. Anyone visiting these areas from Dec to Feb would be tempted to think that they love full sun but the truth is they have been slowly exposed to these conditions as the weather changes from hot wet to cooler and dry and the trees gradually lose their leaves. So there is a transitional period from Nov to Dec where there is gradual leaf drop of the deciduous trees and thus gradual exposure to full sun. Many dendrobiums from these same areas are also deciduous.
    Your coerulea is most probably grown from seeds from wild collected plants. I have seen coeruleas collected from the wild, the same size as yours with dried old spikes, evidence that they do bloom at very short heights. As for the sanderiana, 3-4 years more to blooming is rather optimistic. Btw my comments are confined to my experience growing 24/7 outdoors under 50% shade in the tropics, so may not apply to your growing conditions.

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