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An update on my Stuartiana - after all my loving care over the past 4 months my little guy has grown one leaf. He also shed one old leaf. So far a draw. Otherwise he just sits there. No new root growth at all.

After re-reading this post I decided to move him to a slightly sunnier location. He's now sitting by my Oncidiums and Maxillaria. I yelled at him a little bit this morning, hopefully he gets the hint and makes a root!
Yelling at your Phal? Haven't tried that... mine seem to respond well to pom-poms and coordinated hip-hop dance routines... LOL

Is your Stu short on roots? If so, seaweed extract can be fabulous at getting some root growth going. If you've been fertilizing it with a typical orchid fertilizer, those are great for getting green growth on your plant, but they won't necessarily get your plant to grow new roots. I use a product called Neptune's Harvest... it comes as a seaweed extract and also a seaweed extract/fish fertilizer combo. I've used both the combo and just the seaweed and have had great results with both.

The thing to know is that you only want to treat your plant with the seaweed extract every two weeks or so... it takes about two weeks for the hormones in the seaweed to trigger new root growth, so if you treat it more often than every two weeks, you're not going to be getting any extra benefit.

They ARE slow growers... that's probably the most frustrating thing about species phals. I've found that regular fertilization is key for those leaves to grow... and if you want more roots, mix in some seaweed extract. If you do both of those things, I think you'll start seeing some changes for the positive.

It sounds like you've already addressed the "light" issue. If your plant is growing leaves, chances are it's getting decent light. Watch it carefully since you recently put it with the Oncidiums... you don't want it to get burned. Only time will tell if your Stu will be happy there. Oh, and don't worry about that old leaf that dropped off; species phals drop old leaves from time to time with seemingly no rhyme or reason.

I hope this covered everything...

Anyway, use that seaweed if you want roots! (And serenading it with a little of Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" never hurts either... )
Keep us posted!!