Hi everyone. Been a while since I have posted....had to get new PC and still battling illness, but alas, am much better and have a new PC!
Now, to my question to all of you experts...

I have just bought a huge Schomburgkia tibicinis from the same grower I bought a previous plant from a few years ago and they assure me that they are grown cool and with no special protection in a cool winter environment outdoors further north in New South Wales. My question is how cold can they take it? I am in Melbourne Australia and we get down to 4C in winter and rarely do we get to 2-3C in my area (average lows in winter 5-10C and highs of 12-16C), so I worry this one wont make it outdoors.
I had one prior but for some reason it died and am not sure why exactly. I kept it fairly dry in winter and in full sun. It was also mounted on tree fern whereas this one will be potted in a hanging basket in a coarse mix.
Have I made another expensive mistake? or, can I actually get it to live here and flower.
Further more, our summers are extremely hot and dry and the sun is blistering so I assume it will need some shade and lots of water then.
Any help and advice would be great on how to get this one to flourish in my conditions.
Thank you all for your time.