Hi everyone,

Today I received in the mail an Oncidium Lemon Heart 'Baby Face,' which was advertised as a mature plant. Well, it is mature - it has many p-bulbs - but half of it is climbing over the other half, like so:

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The problem is, this is coming from Hawaii, where the aerial roots probably thrived. I live in a desert-ish climate in northern CA, where the humidity (as an example) is currently 23% in my place. Yes, it's pretty bad, but I haven't lost an orchid yet (despite no humidifier!). Those roots are going to die, so I need to repot and divide, and try to change that aerial part into a regular potted orchid, with its aerial roots under the medium.

The question is, how do I do this? The aerial part of the plant is attached to one of the lower pseudobulbs, so I'll need to cut or tear it out, and I'm worried about damaging the lower pseudobulb. ALSO, the aerial part only has two mature p-bulbs and one maturing one. I know the general rule is 3, but that's the only logical division option I have.

This is not what I expected when I ordered, and I need help! I would really appreciate advice about dividing, where to divide given the paltriness of the aerial part I want to separate, potting aerial roots, and anything else it seems I need help with.

Thanks so much!