Sounds like an interesting possibility - what sorts of insecticides are effective on thrips, please?[/QUOTE]

The problem first is to identify your thrips. Ifferent species have different susceptibilities. I am sorry that this is unhelpful, but with 19000 different species, there is no easy answer. I am not an entomologist ( if that is the right word, and since I have a fairly large collections for an amateur , maybe 1500 plants, I simplybought every insecticide I could find, and used each twice, at one week intervals, left it a month, and then used the next. I also used a horticultural soap-Savona, and two different weevil killer soil drenches in the same kind of way. Cost a bomb, don't know hich worked, but am now clear ... Btw, I had been using the bioloigical solution, can't remember the name now, a wasp which parasitises the eggs, I think, but then found that it works with Western Hort. thrips, but the damage I got is quite different from that from Western thrips, so that was a waste of money too.
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